Shroud Merch

Gaming Origins

Shroud’s love for gaming and technology comes from his father, who loved video games and built computers for him as a child. It was his dad who initially introduced him to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

He primarily played World of Warcraft as a teenager. While initially unimpressed with the CS: GO beta release, he played it occasionally with his friends. But as the game improved with each after, so did the shroud’s interest in the game.

shroud had been a shy kid, something he has spoken about in his streams. Streaming, which helped him overcome his insecurities, became his passion, and he still does it today.

Eventually, his streams began getting a lot of positive feedback from professional esports players. It eventuated in him realizing that he was pretty skilled. When he placed fourth in the North American ESEA Season 15: Main Division in 2014, he realized he had a shot at making it in the professional eSports scene. And this is the beginning of a beautiful and successful career.

Shroud Merch

How Much Does Shroud Earn?

There is not much public information regarding shroud’s income and his contracts with his previous team and sponsors. shroud has earned over $225,000 with his tournament winnings.

He reached a record number of subscribers, with 101,284. This would have netted him $354,494. shroud also earns $49,000 from his merch sale.

The net worth of the popular streamer and professional esports player is estimated at around $20 million. shroud purchased a mansion in Hidden Hills, California, for a reported $9.4 million. He also earns around $10 -12 million every year through various channels.

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